The Lady Says...

A lady is a complement to a gentleman, an exemplar, a symbol of style, an inspiration and one who loves with a full heart.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A tidbit for a Lady

Just a little thought for the day:

When it comes to style, you can do anything as long as you do it on purpose.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Lady is Confident

One of the most obvious traits that an iconic Lady holds is also one of the most difficult to adopt; Confidence. Confidence is exuded through every comment, action, and the simple presence of a true Lady. Confidence in her decisions, in her style, in her relationships, and most importantly just in herself. The way a Lady stands shows confidence. The way a Lady speaks and addresses others shows confidence. It is easy to say that a Lady needs to be confident, but it is quite another to actually explore how and in what areas confidence truly is seen. I have been thinking about this for sometime now, and I have identified a few points that I believe to be helpful in my daily struggle to be confident with myself.

The first point is to be confident in your decisions. Think about what it is that you want, what is the best for the situation, weigh the options carefully and then decide. The next step is to stand behind your decision. Be confident you made the right choice with the information you had been given. Though you may see a different option as a better one in hindsight, know that you made the right choice with the perspective you had and do not waiver from your stance.

This goes into point number two.
Be confident that you can grow from your mistakes and not dwell in them. A mistake is merely an opportunity to do something a different way- an opportunity to grow. A mistake is not a failure, it is just a lesson. This is how you learn. If you make a decision, be confident in it, and if it is the wrong decision, be confident that you are able to grow from that and not dwell in the upset of the mistake. Strength comes from what you make of a situation and what you take away from the experience, only smugness and a blinder for learning can come from consistent rightness. Be willing to try knowing you may make a mistake, but be just as willing to own your mistake and learn from it.

Point number three, be confident in your conversations with others. Have a point of view and share it. You are the only one with your perspective and your experience, so share it and believe in it. Do not let the opinion of others affect your level of confidence in yourself and your point of view. Think about what you say and be confident in your delivery. A Lady is eloquent and articulate and is able to carry herself as a Lady no matter who surrounds her.

The last point that I have to give is to be confident in your style. If you are in a situation where you don't know what to say, and you don't know what to do you can always stand out through style. Being confident in your attire and being appropriately dressed for any occasion gives you automatic poise and emanates confidence. Stand up straight, keep your head up, don't fidget, and make your presence known. A Lady is always a Lady, no mistake in judgement, different perspective, nor a bad hair day can strip the elegance and confidence from a Lady, for the true essence of a Lady comes from inside and is an impossible radiance to squander.



Monday, May 3, 2010

A Lady And Her Cuisine

Until recently I never understood the art of cooking. To me, it seemed almost an unappreciated waste of time, for one can spend hours preparing an amazing meal and within a matter of minutes the entire thing is devoured bite by bite, and you have nothing to show for your work. However, I have had a revelation. I now understand the almost romantic aspect of it all. It is not about the actual taste, well not entirely, it is about the sensory relationship developed while cooking the meal, the conversations and relationships built while eating the meal, and the satisfaction of providing a platform in which friendships grow stronger and memories are made. Cooking is about creating an experience that will forever be remembered, even if the actual dish is not.

Bon App├ętit!