The Lady Says...

A lady is a complement to a gentleman, an exemplar, a symbol of style, an inspiration and one who loves with a full heart.

About This Lady

My name is Sierra. I have always admired the likes of style icons and true ladies Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, and the epitome of elegance, Audrey Hepburn. Through modeling, producing runway shows, starting my own business and through basic daily observation I have tallied my thoughts as to what makes these icons so fascinating - they are true Ladies. A lady is not one who simply follows rules and ettiquete, she is someone who sets a standard for many to look up to. This concept is accomplished through personality, opinion, relationships and style. It is my goal to pinpoint these characteristics and share my thoughts with you. Becoming the truest essence of a lady, in the most romantic and ideal way, is a journey and I am ready to begin. Thank you for joining me.