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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Lady Converses

A Lady truly understands and enjoys the art of conversation. Too often in today's society we have pulled away from the pure entertainment of conversing with a friend. We text, email, watch television, facebook and twitter each other, but rarely do we simply sit and talk to one another. I dearly love each of my friends for different reasons special to their personality, but one common thread is that I can easily communicate with them. I am one to become easily bored in a non-conversationally stimulating setting, and therefore I treasure my friends' ability to converse with wit and wisdom. I believe in a previous post I discussed how a Lady loves to continually learn and be challenged, well, engaging conversation is absolutely the best way to do so. When a Lady stops and listens to a friend and then ponders an adequate and intelligent response, tagged along with a little satire or humor, the whole process is exceptionally academic and very entertaining. Not only does a Lady learn so much from listening to those around her, but she also learns much about herself through her responses and observations. This entire process is one in which I truly enjoy and wish to encounter more of. I hope that this beautiful friday brings you much intelligent, stimulating and interesting conversation with those around you.



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