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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Lady Knows The Difference Between Style & Fashion

A Lady is cognizant of the difference between Fashion and Style and is able to be creative and self expressive with both aspects of the art. Style is the knowledge of fit, tailoring, quality of garment, and classic polishing. Staying within the boundaries of style will never lead you astray, for it is timeless and neat. Style is part of who you are - it is the cut that fits you best, the color that suits you best and it is the collection of pieces you will love forever, that will in turn love you back forever. Fashion, on the other hand is something entirely different. Fashion is the statement. Fashion is the tool we use to make our style our own. Picture a coloring book; style is equivalent to the beautiful sketches within, clean and pretty, but fashion is the work of art produced after you have filled in the pages with color and personal touches. With fashion you can be daring and over the top creative. You don't have to stay within the boundaries, and your taste can change daily. Your style is your comfort blanket and you should never leave those principles behind. The fusion of style and fashion are what create an icon, where if you disregard the style rules you lean toward simply being a hot mess of abstract art.

One of my favorite examples of this meshing of style and fashion is Anna Dello Russo. She is unafraid of out there fashion extremes, yet she also knows just how to wear the simple dress. For daily life, she may not be your source of inspiration, but admiring her ensembles is like admiring a masterpiece hanging in a museum. Pure inspiration.




  1. It was never said more brilliantly than this. Very clever. Love love it.

  2. I LOVE ADR...she is iconic. Good choice.

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