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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Lady: Imagination | Dreams | Goals

When we are little we imagine different worlds, create interesting characters that we bring to life, and believe in all fairy-tales. Our imagination can take us from our bedroom to a castle in a magical forest, or to a secret garden with talking animals, or even to fairy-tale weddings and families as we play house. As we grow up a little and realize that there are parameters separating what we can imagine and what we can accomplish, we begin to dream.

We are told to follow our dreams. We take the imagination given to us as a child and morph it into a somewhat attainable dream. Our dreams stray from our imagination in that we start to piece together reality and the imaginative and narrow down what we truly want in our real life. A dream is something that we throw hope into and wish that we could become that. A dream is centered around our reality, but it is the best reality we can picture. As we continue to grow and mature we make the distinction from dream to goal.

A goal is the strategic analysis of a dream. A Lady should always be goal oriented - this is what keeps you focused and driven to become the greatest you you can be. This strategic analysis of the dreams, that are initially created by the childlike imagination, is what drives success and fulfillment in our adult lives. If we can find a way to create a pathway to our innate aspirations, then we can gain a well rounded perspective of ourselves and our surroundings and be able to find confidence in who we are, where we belong, and what our purpose is. The discovery of finding yourself begins with the ideas from your imagination, sorting the attainable through your dreams and creating a strategy to reach your goals. As a Lady it is essential to take the time to identify who you are and what you believe in. Confidence, sense of self and goal driven attributes are what we see in iconic Ladies that captivates us and forces us to admire them. Be admired, be captivating, be a Lady.

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