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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Lady Seeks Out Music

A Lady should always seek out new things she enjoys, whether that be new experiences, new relationships, new projects or even new music. A Lady should never stop learning and desiring new information; it is what makes us grow and become inspiring, interesting role models for others. One new aspect that I have come across, basically in the last couple years, is indie music. I find that there is so much music out there that is just ready to be enjoyed by the wandering and discovering soul. I had the wonderful opportunity to watch Karen Elson perform her first show promoting her first album here in Nashville at The Basement. Wow. I was so impressed. To be honest I went into the experience with little expectation, I mean this is Nashville and we are hard to please, but I cannot tell you how pleasant the entire experience was. Her voice, her demeanor, and her wonderful personality all came through and I really found a new favorite. Please check out her new album, I'm sure it will be fantastic, as is Mrs. Karen Elson. 

Her new album "The Ghost Who Walks;" also check out her site here.  



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