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Monday, March 15, 2010

A Lady Travels

A Lady should always travel in style, for you are traveling to greet someone special therefore you should arrive with attire that is special. Arriving to see someone you have been apart from, whether it be a husband, mother, friend or business partner, should be an occurrence withstanding a first impression, and a Lady always wishes to make a wonderful and memorable first impression.

I recently embarked on a trip to Sarasota Florida to visit my husband, for which I obviously had to fly. To the airport I wore fitted, dark wash, cuffed, straight leg Joes jeans, a white tank, a heather grey tulle detailed sweater fancied with pink pearls and my adored pink Christian Louboutin Mary-Janes. I felt it was the most appropriate ensemble considering I would be flying, but I had not seen the husband in a month. Whilst seated at my gate I watched all the people dressed in sweats, track suits, even pajamas and I thought of this little reminder- The airport is no place for sad, style excuses.  A Lady should always be prepared for the day, especially (most especially) when said Lady is visiting someone. So, a Lady travels in style.



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