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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Lady Appreciates The Little Things

Though it is easy to show gratitude for the major kindnesses shown to you, it is equally important to be appreciative of the little things you encounter as well. The other day I received a card in the mail from a wonderful friend. Just the small gesture showing that someone out there was thinking of me was beyond touching. Something such as a written letter, a simple text to say hello, or an unexpected statement of how much someone means to you can make all the difference in a relationship of any sort. I have found myself noticing and becoming more appreciative of these little gestures, for there is nothing provoked or expected and they therefore make quite an impact. I can't remember who said it, but it is a common quote used, "We remember moments, not days" and I truly believe that small kindnesses make an ordinary moment in a day an extraordinary moment in our lives. I challenge you to show one small act of kindness towards someone you care about today. You're niceness in one single moment can make for a memory that one person can cherish for many days to come.



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  1. I LOVE IT!!! So right on!
    Love you my dear friend.