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Friday, July 2, 2010

A Lady Juggles

In today's society, with the concept of always being available whether it be by email or social networking or consistent communication via your iphone, it is easy to feel that you are always juggling a thousand and one things all at one time. This burden of consistently remaining available to everyone and always sharing yourself with those around you and those in your extended internet network is difficult for a Lady to handle with grace at times. A Lady is able to juggle, but also knows when it is time to let a couple of those batons fall. For instance, at dinner. When a Lady is among friends conversing and laughing and building relationships, this is not a time for iphone texting and updating social networks. Be in the moment. Appreciate the real, in flesh people you have around you instead of worrying so much about those who simply reside in tech-world.  There is a time to be crazy and emailing and texting and making sure everything is taken care that needs to be, and then there is a time to sit, take a breath and realize that you have wonderful people in your life that you can learn from and be inspired by. A Lady will miss out on so much if she is constantly blinded by the semi-real relationships she holds through her computer and cell phone. Take a step back and remember to embrace the people in front of you. The times when you put a hold on google information and texting, and simply take that moment to shut out the noise and perk up your ears to the world right in front of you, are the times that you remember and cherish the most. It is important to take time to reflect on the past, become eager for the future, and be present in the now, and none of these important reflections require an iPhone.



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